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If you’ve ever collapsed, exhausted into your armchair, after clearing the dishes, bathing the kids and finally packing them off to bed, it’s a safe bet that, instead of making the effort to set up and watch your latest DVD, you often choose to go to bed too.

But what if there was a way to set the whole scene, from closing the curtains and dimming the lights, to adjusting the room temperature, turning on your TV and preparing your DVD or Blu-ray player by simply pressing a key or a touchscreen?If that seems like sci-fi, think again! Control4 is a home automation specialist and we design systems that can not only handle the scenario described above, but can also automate almost any task that uses electrical power.

Our modular systems allow you to automate just a part of your home or all of it, with a series of phased installations.Our aim is to simplify your life – to save you time and reduce stress by giving you the power to control routine tasks throughout your home and from wherever you happen to be. Whether you’re in your lounge or bedroom, at work or enjoying a weekend at the coast, through the use of your iPhone or Android you still have control of every automated function you have installed.

If you’re away and worried about security, you can check your alarm and turn it on or off, lock or unlock any doors that have been modified and even check the feed from a CCTV camera.Your laptop or tablet, while also serving as a remote control, provides the means to create one-touch routines that combine several automated functions. With the user-friendly interface of the supplied Control4 app, programmes can be created quickly using easy-to-follow steps.

Your programme could, for instance, adjust lighting and climate, activate or deactivate alarms, and provide any other functions called for by regular routines, such as starting your day, readying the family room for an evening of home movies or preparing for bed.In fact, only your imagination limits what you and your Control4 home automation system can achieve together.

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