Automated Lights & Smart Lighting from Control4

Automated Lights

Want to set the scene in your home from the comfort of your bed, couch, or even while you are away? Wireless automated lights, or smart lighting as it is called, is the ultimate solution to any modern homeowner. What could add more value to your property and life than being able to dim the lounge lights and activate the most needed lights in the kitchen, without having to even get up? Let’s face it, smart lighting is the way of the future and the future is now! If you don’t already enjoy automated lights, you are missing out.

Learn More About the Home Automation System for You!


Are you looking for a home automation system that will introduce comfort and convenience to your home, as well as impress your guests? If you are, the Control 4 system is for you – and everyone else for that matter! Control 4 doesn’t just offer simple home automation options…it offers solutions to automate your home in a technologically advanced way that you will quickly become accustomed to. Once you have Control 4 in your life, you will wonder how you got by without it.

Instant Control of your Environment with a Smart Lighting Installation


A smart lighting installation could place the power to control every facet of the illumination both within your home and its immediate surroundings at your fingertips. The benefits of such a system, however, extend far beyond that of mere convenience. While it’s great to be able to change the entire mood of your lounge and create the ambience of your choice with just a click of a switch or a tap on a touchscreen, this same ability can also play an important role in maintaining your home security, as well as providing the means to reduce your energy consumption and the bills that accompany it.

Control at your Fingertips with a Home Automation System

Home Automation System

There’s no doubt that a home automation system has the potential to transform your lifestyle. Since the earliest years of the 20th century, manufacturers have been developing new and improved means for consumers to simplify their daily tasks with a continuing parade of gadgets. Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, steam irons and microwaves have all helped us to save time and to take the backache out of routine household chores. When it’s time to relax, radio waves have been joined by high definition television signals delivered from all around the globe by satellites, and pre-recorded entertainment on CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

A Home Centralized System offers Safety, Convenience and Savings too


Long before centralized systems for home automation were introduced, families were employing various means to make their domestic lifestyles easier. Electric kettles that turned themselves off once their contents were boiling, pop-up toasters delivering their slices according to taste and automatic washing machines able to complete the entire cleansing and drying cycle, without human intervention, are just a few examples of the numerous, labour saving appliances that now abound – devices upon which so many of today’s consumers have since learned to become totally reliant.

Control4 – Breaking News of OS 2.6 from the Cedia Event

Control4 Operating System

On September 10th, Control4 announced, from the stage of the Cedia event, news of its latest software release – OS 2.6. More than a thousand of the company’s dealers who were present for this annual trade expo, which serves the needs of the custom installation industry, learned how the many new and enhanced features provided by the newest version of the interface are set to benefit them and, as a direct consequence, their clients.

Smart Lighting for an Easier Lifestyle and Lower Energy Bills


Smart lighting is a term that, given the extent of its possible applications, can prove invaluable to anyone who relies upon electrical energy as the source of power for their illumination, whether at home or in the office. The world, in general, is faced with dwindling energy supplies and increased demands.