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Home automation installation

If you’re ready to take your home life to the next level, it’s time to think about home automation. Can you really afford to be left behind in a technological age where the latest systems and features can enhance your lifestyle? The answer is simple: no, you can’t! In this day and age, where home automation is more affordable and more easily accessible, the time has come to transform your life, improve your "at home" enjoyment, and revel in the comfort and convenience that is on offer as a result!  If you’re already considering home automation installation, you’re on the right track – and we’re here to help!

Smart Home – Automation Products from Control4


Smart home automation is all about comfort and convenience and Control4 has a range of home automation products that will certainly add value to your quality of life. If you’re looking for the ultimate smart home convenience and comfort, automation products from Control4 should be on the top of your wish list. While smart homes used to be considered a luxury and were most typically enjoyed by the rich and famous, in recent times, simple systems and great prices have made it a convenience to be enjoyed by all. If you want nothing more than the latest and greatest in home automation products, then Control4 should definitely be on your radar.

Find a Professional Home Automation Installer – Control4 Home Automation Solutions


Just how important is it to you to have a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Are you perhaps tired of being a slave to the system? Do you ever feel tired of having to work day in and day out, and do everything for yourself when you get home too? Does the idea of turning on lights, setting the air conditioning, drawing the curtains and similar just feel like extra chores that you don’t have the energy for? Just want to return home to all of your luxuries and comforts already set up and waiting for you? If this sounds like you, then perhaps it’s time you spoke to a professional home automation installer. Home automation, specifically systems offered by Control4, is designed to add value to life. In fact, they are designed to improve your quality of life and we strongly believe that they can.

Benefits of Installing Remote Lighting Control as Part of Your Home Automation


When you think about remote lighting control, you probably envision sitting on the couch and being able to turn on the kitchen light or bedroom light. While this is possible and part of the package, it’s not the only benefit to having it installed in your home, or at your business premises. Households that move with the times usually feature lighting control as part of their home automation package and what a great feature it is. Once you have it installed, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it before.

What the Smart Home of the Future Has in Store for Us!


When it comes to latest tech advancements, everyone seems to be becoming increasingly interested in the smart home. The ultimate convenience exists for those who want to control every aspect of their home life comforts, and Control4 offers the ideal home automation systems for you to do just that.

Just How Useful is a Home Automation System?

Learn about Which Products You can Integrate with Your System

Get with the times – automate your home! One just has to consider the convenience that a home automation system has to offer, in order to get excited about it. Now you can truly be in control of your home and what’s even more exciting is that you can choose to control everything from a neat remote panel or from your smartphone.

Get Advice on Automated Lifestyles from a Leading Home Automation Installer

Home Automation Installer

Not too long ago, the idea of a fully automated home seemed somewhat “space age” or impossible. It became the dream of many to enjoy the simple elegance and convenience of being able to draw the curtains or control the air conditioning system on command. In fact, a variety of movies even featured such advanced technology enjoyed by the rich and famous before it was really available to anyone else.

Change Your Life with a Wireless Home Automation System from Control4

Wireless Home Automation System

Tired of feeling exhausted after a long day’s work, but still need to prepare your home for comfort? The smallest tasks can seem immense when all you want to do is relax. You have probably wished many times that your home could just prepare itself – and now it can with a wireless home automation system!

Luxul Wireless Networks – Ideal for Use with Control4 and HEOS by Denon

Luxul is not just another networking solution – it’s everything that you need from a wireless network, without the hefty price tag that’s often attached. The brand is a leading innovator of a simple to deploy, professional grade, IP networking system and can benefit both residential and commercial environments when it’s properly installed and set-up.

Remote Access for Home Use – What It Means For You and Your Home

Remote Access

Smart homes are all the latest rage these days and it’s no passing phase either. Remote access for home use far surpasses any notions of laziness. In fact, such controlled access adds an element of security and allows homeowners to remain informed of who is in their home at all times and precisely when and how access is being gained to the property. At Homemation, we recommend automating your home with the latest products from Control4.