Just How Useful is a Home Automation System?

Learn about Which Products You can Integrate with Your System

Get with the times – automate your home! One just has to consider the convenience that a home automation system has to offer, in order to get excited about it. Now you can truly be in control of your home and what’s even more exciting is that you can choose to control everything from a neat remote panel or from your smartphone.

This means that you can be inside the home or at another location and still enjoy full functionality of your system. Gone are the days where home automation seemed like a space-age dream. Now it’s a reality and one that you can enjoy. Let’s take a look at what you can automate in the home:

Audio and video systems – spruce up your home entertainment system with Control4 home automation and one of our great compatible products. Check out the C4 16-ZONE AUDIO MATRIX SWITCH V3, C4 4-ZONE NON-MATRIX POWER AMPLIFIER, C4 WIRELESS MUSIC BRIDGE and our other compatible home entertainment systems in our product catalogue!

Climate control – regulate your home’s comfort level with an automated climate control system. Include one of these systems in your home automation setup and set each room’s temperature with the touch of a button. Check out our C4 DUCT/OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE SENSOR, C4 WIRELESS THERMOSTAT, COOLMASTERNET HVAC BRIDGE and our other compatible climate control products in our product catalogue.

Wireless lighting – turn the lights on or off, dim the lights, set the mood, do just about what you would like with wireless lighting linked up to your Control4 home automation system! Our compatible wireless lighting products include our C4 0-10V DIMMER, C4 ADAPTIVE PHASE DIMMER and C4 AUXILIARY KEYPAD. View our catalogue for more options to consider!

Access control – step up your home security with a fully automated access control system from Control4. We offer access control products that are compatible with Control4 home automation systems. These include the C4 DOOR STATION, SMARTCODE KEYLESS DEADBOLT and YALE ZIGBEE DEADBOLT.

These are just a few of the products that you can integrate into your home automation system. When purchasing any of these products from us, we will ensure that you are provided with the included warranty / guarantee and that you receive a phenomenal and reliable after-sales service.

At Control4, we present a wide range of systems and products that can seamlessly integrate into your home automation system, and we are excited to present them to you. You can control and monitor absolutely every part of your home’s processes and functions, including activating the alarm system, monitoring CCTV systems, closing the curtains and much more. The technology involved in home automation is simply astounding and it is exciting to think that there is a great deal more in store for us in future years.

If you would like to invest in a home automation system that won’t let you down, turn to us at Control4 – we will ensure that your home features the finest quality home automation products and accessories on the market.