Luxul Wireless Networks – Ideal for Use with Control4 and HEOS by Denon

Luxul is not just another networking solution – it’s everything that you need from a wireless network, without the hefty price tag that’s often attached. The brand is a leading innovator of a simple to deploy, professional grade, IP networking system and can benefit both residential and commercial environments when it’s properly installed and set-up.

The system is ideal to partner with Control4 and Denon HEOS systems, and is currently transforming home’s automation and audio-visual systems for many. It’s easy to install and offers a powerful and scalable network – something not all wireless network products are able to provide. Forget the complexities of networking gear of years gone by! Luxul delivers the ultimate IP network without the hassle, fuss and complications. If you aren’t running your Control4 and Denon HEOS systems with Luxul wireless networks, perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

When it comes to home entertainment and automation, those wanting to control their systems and all of its features remotely, need to be connected to the network. This usually requires a local network or a WiFi network to be set-up. The efficiency of the system will be dependent on just how quick, efficient and reliable the wireless network is. The Luxul system can eliminate the frustration and dissatisfaction experienced by consumers who try to route all of their automation and home entertainment systems through their wireless router provided by their ISP. With Luxul wireless networks in place, you can say goodbye to annoying lags, drops and broken up signals within your home or office, but instead enjoy your audio and other automated services running smoothly.

At Homemation, we strongly believe that Luxul wireless networks are the affordable solution to those who want to enjoy the seamless experience of well kitted out system without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Luxul has recently released an array of affordable products to the market, which we promote and recommend with confidence.

Custom installers have simply raved about the ease at which Luxul wireless networks are set-up and have also commented on just how convenient the physical installation is too. Whether you need the wireless network to connect your Control4 automation features or if you want to use it to link all of your Denon HEOS devices and systems, the Luxul wireless network products will not disappoint.

If you are looking for reliable wireless networks that will make your systems run seamlessly and efficiently, the Luxul range should be on the top of your list of options! To learn more about Luxul and the range on offer, contact us via email or telephone at Homemation today..